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Final Post

Someone recognized me the other day and said oh my god, are you in that Digital History?  I sad yes and they just laughed. I think the rumors of the drama have gotten to urban legend status. So, this got me to thinking about renaming the course for next time.  It will be cataloged as Digital Soap Opera 471.

The name choices are Days of Our Blogs, Generally Need Hospitalized, As the Mouse Scrolls or my personal favorite,  No Life to Live.  

5 Responses to “Final Post”

  1. 1 wholcomb

    oh, Roxanne, those titles are hilarious! I think I almost woke up my roommate laughing.

  2. 2 kwuyscik

    HAHAHAHAHA. You are absolutely brilliant.

  3. 3 amyb

    wow I burst out laughing when I read these! ha ha ha ha

  4. 4 LisaM

    I’m so glad to see that you haven’t lost your sense of humor. It was a pleasure sharing class space with you. You are always an inspiration.

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