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Getting More Organized

I think part of what has been bothering me about our project is that we seemed to lack organization and structure for our archival material.  So yesterday I created an exhibit for each person in Omeka.  Although it was tedious and time consuming, I think in the long run it will get our project completed and look more professional.  Now when anyone from our group wants to help add items to an individual’s exhibit, they already have a section and a page.  (Viewers will no longer have to browse through random material, since everything will be about that person, their time period or something they have given us to publish.)

For the group, log in, then upload your documents, once you are done uploading, go to the exhibits, click on the individual you want to add  items to, then go to the bottom left and it will show their section, click on this and search for the items and then drag them into the page I created.  (I formatted them all the same standard, but change the formatting if you need to!)

There are also other items already housed in Omeka that can be dragged into some of the interviewee’s exhibits. Maybe Bullet articles, etc?        

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