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Final Post

Someone recognized me the other day and said oh my god, are you in that Digital History?  I sad yes and they just laughed. I think the rumors of the drama have gotten to urban legend status. So, this got me to thinking about renaming the course for next time.  It will be cataloged as Digital Soap Opera 471.

The name choices are Days of Our Blogs, Generally Need Hospitalized, As the Mouse Scrolls or my personal favorite,  No Life to Live.  


I finally feel good about our site and how great it looks.  This last week has been extremely tense and tiring, to say the least, but it is worth it.  We still have things to do, but it is no longer overwhelming.  I really enjoyed seeing all the projects today and I cannot believe the amount of work that we put into them. I think if anyone ever doubts the place of Digital History in teaching should look at our sites!

Uploading Videos

Tonight I stayed after school to try and upload some videos, but the college’s server is slooooooooooooooow.  It is not like I am not already challenged!  After downloading the multi-file uploader, I started to upload Dean Rucker’s clips. Yes, they are all done! But Google’s multi-file uploader is even slower than the regular one, which kind of defeats the purpose of being able to upload multiple files at one time.  For example, when I clicked upload now, it said it would take 4 hours+++.  Maybe it is the server, but I think it is a combination of Google and the server.  So, it is after 9:00 at night and I can either stay here until tomorrow or go home.  Good Bye!


Todays readings were very interesting.  The one in particular that I liked was about blogging.  I think this article would have been more appropriate at the beginning of class, since I have fought the whole blogging part of this class.  For me, it put blogging in a new perspective.  Maybe I am just worn down?

Getting More Organized

I think part of what has been bothering me about our project is that we seemed to lack organization and structure for our archival material.  So yesterday I created an exhibit for each person in Omeka.  Although it was tedious and time consuming, I think in the long run it will get our project completed and look more professional.  Now when anyone from our group wants to help add items to an individual’s exhibit, they already have a section and a page.  (Viewers will no longer have to browse through random material, since everything will be about that person, their time period or something they have given us to publish.)

For the group, log in, then upload your documents, once you are done uploading, go to the exhibits, click on the individual you want to add  items to, then go to the bottom left and it will show their section, click on this and search for the items and then drag them into the page I created.  (I formatted them all the same standard, but change the formatting if you need to!)

There are also other items already housed in Omeka that can be dragged into some of the interviewee’s exhibits. Maybe Bullet articles, etc?        

Inching along

This this last week was awful, but I think that meeting with Andy Rush twice last week gave me some hope.  I now can transfer the dvms myself.  Although it takes about sixty minutes to transfer the tapes, while sitting there, I worked on other things for the project.  Our group is meeting on Thursday and hopefully we will get some closure on many of our issues.     

Presentation Today

I was feeling okay about the project until class today.  I feel like we lost the class and we were all over the place.  Let’s narrow our focus and polish the site, then we can move on to other things.  Matt has really done a great job of the site design, but he needs help and feedback.  I plan on having all possible work done by Tuesday, so I can move on to other issues like mash-ups and what not.  


These last few weeks have been quite frustrating.  We are doing a lot of behind the scenes work, including editing, research and Omeka uploads.  Although all is going well, it is taking exponentially more time than we ever imagined and we all seem to be getting bogged down.  On the upside, Dr. McClurken and Patrick fixed our Omeka site and we are adding archival material daily.


Editing Videos

I started to edit my videos last night.  It was a lot more time consuming than I expected.  Since we are approaching this project as an alternative way to look at history, it is much harder.  For example, one of my interviewees jumps back and forth between events that were four years apart, so it is hard to understand the historical context of either story.  I am trying to pull usable footage together of either event, but it looks grim.  This is a valuable lesson for my next interview, I either need to control the interview better or revisit a particular event that I feel needs clarification. 


After looking at many different wikis,wiki discussions and wiki historys, I have to say  the one thing that comes to mind is wow! I think that the discussions in many of the wikis is often a dialogue between two differing sides.  Maybe it is the wikis system of che cks and balances.

Although I would never use a wiki as a source(except for my own), I can see that they have become more credible than they used to be.